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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject Re: [RT] Block usage
Date Thu, 26 May 2005 13:41:59 GMT
Reinhard Poetz wrote:

> Daniel Fagerstrom wrote:


>> A basic scenario
>> ================
>> 1. A soon to become Cocoon user, downloads the "start kit" 
>> distribution from our site.
>> It contains the (OSGi) kernel, the Cocoon service block (containing 
>> the Cocoon core),  a Cocoon servlet block,
> ok
>> a (light weight) web server block,
> you mean a block that contains e.g. Jetty or Tomcat?

Yes, there is a standard http service api in the OSGi spec, and there 
are bundles based on both Jetty and Tomcat that implement that api.

> IMO this could only be an option but not a requirement. Cocoon  must 
> be deployable in a J2EE or servlet container.

As we have discussed before we should support both cases. What I 
describe is a "start kit" distribution that helps a new user to get up 
to speed. Puting a http service block in the "start kit" distro 
coresponds to our current bundling of Jetty. All blocks should be 
separately downloadable so that the experienced users can mix and match 
as they want to.

>> a block deployer block
> Basically the block deployer will be a stand-alone application (Ant 
> task, Maven plug-in, Eclipse plug-in, ...). Of course somebody could 
> write a web interface for it which could be a cocoon block.

As you can see in my original message I proposed: a block deployer 
block, a block depoyer webapp block. Web interface and functinality 
should cleary be kept separately.


> called block.xml, no?
>  (wiring.xml and the Manifest file), a near

Yes, block.xml.


> One thing to add: It must be possible that one block depends on 
> another block that is under development. I want my custom projects 
> requiring the latest svn version of e.g. the forms block. If the forms 
> block changes, this change takes effect immediatly on my project 
> without explicit deployment.



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