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From Philippe Guillard <>
Subject Re: "Reset" cachingURI coplet
Date Thu, 26 May 2005 09:59:20 GMT
Thanks Jean-Baptiste,

Looks really good. Unfortunately it does the same for me, no errors and 
the succes page is still displayed!
It seems  i do  not cache the response, the coplet temporaryURI is still 
with the continuation, so the response is regenerated because flowscript 
starts again at the continuation point. 
I suppose you added something else, but can't get what!?



Jean-Baptiste Quenot wrote:

>* Philippe Guillard:
>>I'm  looking  for some  idea/solution  to  refresh a  cachingURI
>>coplet content after a form in portal has been submitted. Then a
>>user  going to  other  tabs and  going back  would  not see  the
>>"success" page again.
>Here is what we do:
>And here is the magic function:
>function doNotCacheCopletResponse(copletId)
>  cocoon.log.debug("doNotCacheCopletResponse:  coplet="+copletId);
>  var service = cocoon.getComponent(org.apache.cocoon.portal.PortalService.ROLE);
>  var profileManager = service.getComponentManager().getProfileManager();
>  var coplet = profileManager.getCopletInstanceData(copletId);
>  // tells the coplet not to cache the his content
>  // Note : this code comes from CachingURICopletAdapter
>  coplet.setAttribute(org.apache.cocoon.portal.coplet.adapter.impl.CachingURICopletAdapter.DO_NOT_CACHE,
>This prevents caching for the success page.

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