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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Small CMS on top of the SVN repository
Date Wed, 25 May 2005 15:12:58 GMT
Linden H van der (MI) wrote:
>>This will mean that people will be able to do "forrest run" 
>>and edit the 
>>content in SVn immediately. As the Daisy plugin matures the 
>>same will be 
>>true for content in a Daisy repository. Similarly, if PlanetCocoon 
>>succeeds we can integrate their content and editing in the same way.
> AHHH. Why should docs be allowed to be entered into SVN immediately
> while code requires a committership that should be "earned"? 

In the short term, whilst the docs are in SVN this editor will allow 
committers to edit the docs quickly and easily. It is not the "end" 
solution, there are lots of possible workflows:

- move the docs into a separate SVN module we can provide separate 
committership to that repository

- if the editor fails to do the SVN upload (i.e. user does not have 
commit access) then a diff is sent to bugzilla

- Cocoon Documentation System

- DoCo

- scenarios for Daisy:

- Forrest as an integrator

Many more ideas will emerge as the discussion rages

> I think we need a set of "rules" for documentation as much as there is a
> set of "rules" for contributing code.

For one potential solution for other external CMS systems see

> Adding docs should definitely be easier than it is now, but please
> through a separate process, otherwise you end up with a similar
> set/quality of docs that exists now, but in a different configuration.

You are correct, but as you can see this has been discussed to death. 
There are a great many consistent themes in the above links, lets pull 
the consistent stuff out and implement it whilst we finish working on 
the finer details of the later stages.

Release early, release often.


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