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From Upayavira>
Subject Re: Small CMS on top of the SVN repository
Date Wed, 25 May 2005 13:22:31 GMT
Linden H van der (MI) wrote:
>>>Daisy already IS set up:
>>>I now use it for the tutorial only, but I really don't mind if it 
>>>becomes the (temporary?) home of the entire new documentation.
>>How does Daisy handle xdocs type documents? Is a conversion 
>>to daisy's format easy?
> My coworker and Daisy expert is out right now, so I can't ask, but my
> guess is: xdocs = XML, daisy = XML so with a more or less simple XSL
> file any conversion is possible.
> I've seen something resembling a bulk import in the Daisy repository, so
> that should be possible too.
> Steven should be able to answer this. ;-)


> OTOH: unless your xdocs documents are valid and fresh I'd suggest to do
> the conversion by hand to weed out the old, stale, etc. docs. This part
> has to be done anyway and since the Daisy repository is relatively
> clean, let's keep it that way and move over only documents that fit the
> new system.

Well, if you can delete documents from the repository, we can move stuff 
across, then delete it when it has been repurposed.

> BTW If you are referring to your current effort, which is concerned with
> a reference guide (do correct me if I'm wrong), I'd suggest that you
> wait with the conversion until it is clear what the final setup will be.
> Since most of your documents are generated directly from the source,
> there is not much manual effort to get the documentation in the ultimate
> format.
> In my view the Daisy repository is for the user guide type of info.

Well, in my view we shouldn't have an ultimate distinction. They are 
both a part of the same overall documentation.

Regards, Upayavira

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