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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Planet Cocoon license and reuse of docs
Date Tue, 24 May 2005 09:51:40 GMT
Mark Leicester wrote:
> I want to resolve the 
> licensing issues ASAP. With the ASF license, am I correct in thinking 
> that I need to simply attribute the documentation to Apache, noting 
> changes as necessary? What would be a suitable wording? "This document 
> is derived from, and contains portions of material originally from 
> [source]"

There is a bit more to it than that, but nothing to difficult to comply 
with. See section 4 of

> PlanetCocoon won't hold any copyright on original material. A 
> non-restrictive Creative Commons license would seem appropriate. What do 
> others think?

If you intend to donate content back to Cocoon the license will have to 
be ASF2 as you donate it back.

>> My reason for asking both questins is that I'd like to consider adding 
>> an input plugin to Forrest in order to assist in your stated objective 
>> of "Every effort will be made to ensure that information generated on 
>> Planet Cocoon will end up in the official documentation" (quote from 
>> your home page).
> Yes, let's discuss import/export. I think it's important that we come up 
> with some means to exchange information. If we come up with a good 
> working solution then our diverse solutions to the documentation problem 
> may become a community strength, and not the weakness it might initially 
> appear. My thinking is that something based on RSS, with RDF might be 
> the way, but then Drupal does this already so I may be biased.

With respect to export (from Drupal) as long as you can provide the 
content in valid XML or (X)HTML, without the navigation and other 
decoration, I can write a plugin for it. I'd like it if the format is 
something "standard" either within Drupal or the wider CMS world (RDF 
would be just fine). That will make the Forrest plugin more applicable 
to other uses.

I'm not really concerned with export (from Cocoon). If you want to come 
along to the Forrest dev list we can advise you on building a Forrest 
plugin to export in your required format from a Forrest site.

> PS Ross, I really enjoy your writings at 
>, is there any chance of a Cocoon 
> category from your blog?

I hardly ever write on Cocoon specific topics, I suppose the Forrest 
stuff could go into such a category. I tell you what I'll do, next time 
I write something directly applicable to Cocoon then I'll add the 
category and let you know. My hesitency is because JRoller doesn't allow 
a post to be in multiple categories.


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