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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Planet Cocoon license and reuse of docs
Date Tue, 24 May 2005 09:36:01 GMT
Sebastien Arbogast wrote:
> 2005/5/23, Ross Gardler <>:
>>I can't find any copyright or license information on the planetcocoon
>>site. Can you please point me at the relevant page.
> Actually so far there is no such thing. As it is said in our
> disclaimer, "Planet Cocoon is an unofficial experiment in online
> developer community, not endorsed in any way by the Cocoon PMC" so
> there is currently no license or copyright of any sort BUT... you
> point out something very interesting because there is some original
> content there and we should begin to worry about some license.
>>I'm concerned as much of the documentation content appears to be direct
>>duplicates of materials in Cocoons official documentation or mailing
>>lists but I cannot find the required acknowledgement to Apache Software
>>Foundation. I know you are working closely with the Cocoon community so
>>I am sure this is only an oversight (possibly on my part).
> There is absolutely no duplicate of original documentation (not that I
> know of at least... Maaaark !!! You duplicated ??? Bad boy !).

For example:


You are correct about mailing lists being archived, but the difference 
between your archive and other archives is yours gives the illusion of 
being "two way" because it has a forum. There is at least one user who 
thought they were posting to the users list by posting on your site.

I should point out, for the benifit of Cocoon devs, that the 
planetcocoon admins did cross post the users question to the list 
explaining that it was not yet a two way facility and advising the user 
to subscribe to the list.

>>My reason for asking both questins is that I'd like to consider adding
>>an input plugin to Forrest in order to assist in your stated objective
>>of "Every effort will be made to ensure that information generated on
>>Planet Cocoon will end up in the official documentation" (quote from
>>your home page).
> It's very kind of you but we have just begun discussing the storage
> format we will choose for our documents in order to suit all the
> wonderful features we want to integrate, while keeping docs compatible
> with Forrest formats. So it's far from being determined yet. It should
> be in the next few weeks or so.

Don't worry about compatible formats All Forrest needs is a way to get 
the documents without the navigation, Forrest will do any necessary 
conversions in format. All we need is an XML or an (X)HTML document.


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