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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject Re: Mailing list statistics
Date Wed, 18 May 2005 13:26:54 GMT
Jorg Heymans wrote:

>Hi Mark,
>Mark Leicester wrote:
>>I've been thinking about incentives for community members. The main
>>community incentive - beyond sharing the fruits of our labour - is
>>committership. That goal is a long way off for a newbie. I have
>>wondering about the possibility of setting other targets in between -
>>particularly in relation to documentation.
>I'm interested in hearing why you think that committership is *the*
>incentive for people to contribute?
>I find it plain wrong to dangle a committer-carrot in front of people to
>get them contributing. It attracts the wrong type of people and will
>hurt the community in the long term.

That's true. Within a meritocratic system, people obtain a nomination 
because they deserve it, not because they want it. And expressing some 
desire for a nomination lowers their chances to obtain it.

But I see Mark's aims with the hall of fame more as a measurement tool 
for community participation than a way for people to show off. And in 
that way it can be considered to be a valuable resource. The problem 
however is that the raw number of posts says nothing about their 
quality, starting by not being able to distinguish questions and 
answers. The "rounds of applause" as I understand it is a way for people 
to express their gratefulness to people that helped them.

Problem is that distributing rounds of applause is a voluntary thing and 
as such can be biased either by donators forgetting to give points to 
people that would deserve it, or by recipients doing some marketing to 
have more points (e.g. "... and don't forget to give me points!").

The Cocoon community is probably special in that great care is taken to 
avoid personal ego show off, even if this doesn't mean that people don't 
have a big ego, not that they don't like to have recognition :-) But 
setting up tools that allow people to be more proactive in getting this 
recognition has the potential to be damageable, as some will monitor 
their ranking and participate according to what's needed to improve it.

So we need other kinds of indirect measurements. Some of them are in 
Stefano's agora, such as the variety of people one talks to, which shows 
some level of community implication.

Well, not easy...

Ah, and I agree with Vadim: change the favicon :-)


Sylvain Wallez                        Anyware Technologies  
Apache Software Foundation Member     Research & Technology Director

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