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From Ralph Goers <>
Subject Re: [IMP] synchronization on session object in Cocoon
Date Thu, 12 May 2005 15:59:19 GMT
In addition, I really don't like the implementation that was checked 
in.  Frankly, this is a case where I would look into leveraging 
( if that 
code can be made to work in JDK 1.3.

What I would look to do is to add the wrapper to a Map using the session 
id as the key, and then add an attribute to the session that is an 
instance of a class that implements SessionBindingListener. Then when 
the sessionDestroyed method is called the wrapper can be removed from 
the Map.

Thus the Map would be the object being synchronized, such as
String id = serverSession.getId();
syncronized(map) {
    if (!map.contains(id)) {
        return (Session)map.get(id);
    else {
        Session session = new HttpSession(serverSession);
        map.put(id, session);
        return session;

Nathaniel Alfred wrote:

>>I have an implementation with map in HttpRequest and without 
>>locking idiom". Shall I commit it?
>I think there is a memory leak in
>There is a strong reference session.wrappedSession from value to key in
>                    // create new wrapper
>                    session = new HttpSession(serverSession);
>                    sessions.put(serverSession, session);
>which causes the WeakHashMap to keep the entries forever.
>See the Implementation Note in
>Cheers, Alfred.

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