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From Tony Collen <>
Subject Re: Community health
Date Thu, 12 May 2005 15:19:32 GMT
Sebastien Arbogast wrote:


>And have you tried, Cocoon/Hibernate/Spring designed with AndroMDA ?
>This is wonderful the time you save. You just compile your UML model,
>write your business methods, create your forms, templates and
>flowscript and there you go. It's high-level, it's wonderful... as
>soon as you understand how Cocoon works. BTW at AndroMDA they already
>have a BPM4Struts cartridge which includes presentation-tier design in
>the MDA process and I'm planning on trying to write a BPM4Cocoon
>cartridge when I have more time so it could become interesting.

Nope, but when I have more Copious Free Time(TM), I'll try to remember 
to check it out.  I'm ready to push for Hibernate here at work.  
Currently we go JDBC -> Oracle CLOB -> XML, but then we need to parse 
out the contents using DOM, and then populate beans.  Even worse, when 
we want to store crap back to the database, we use some OSS called "JOX" 
which serializes the bean to XML, but it's the wrong format for Oracle, 
so we have to *use an XSL transformation* before we want to store our 
data back to the DB.

I asked, "Why don't we just use Castor XML?", but the main arguments I 
got were "A two-step process isn't neccesarily bad" and "Castor's 
documentation was bad."  Perhaps I should have asked why we were using 
XML to interface with Oracle in the first place ;)

/rant off


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