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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject Re: #{$cocoon/request/request/protocol}
Date Wed, 11 May 2005 13:35:00 GMT
Daniel Fagerstrom wrote:

> Sylvain Wallez wrote:
>> Daniel Fagerstrom wrote:
> <snip/>
>>> Sylvain refactored the environment handling in flow to simplify it, 
>>> but it also lead to some back incompatibilities that we had long 
>>> heated discussions about this in the begining of this year, check 
>>> the archive. The varoious changes in the TemplateObjectModelHelper 
>>> was to keep it in synch with the changes in FOM_Cocoon.
>> For the record, the back incompatible changes were removed :-)
> I know that you removed them. But $cocoon/request/property doesn't 
> work for JXPath, you need $cocoon/request/getProperty() instead, IIUC. 
> I think this has to do with the  functionality of 
> FOM_Cocoon.AttributeHolderJavaObject and that it is an effect of the 
> refactoring, but maybe it didn't work before either.
> <snip/>
>>> But again, IMO we should start to use the accessors instead and 
>>> focus our environment refactoring on them and remove the 
>>> TemplateObjectModelHelper. I got stucked in the devlopment of them 
>>> because I couldn't find any (non ugly) ways to make the sitemap 
>>> parameters accessible as "cocoon.parameters", as accessors are 
>>> components and only have access to the service manager and the 
>>> context. If we separated the sitemap parameters from the rest of the 
>>> environment handling we would get rid of this problem, but that 
>>> would introduce a rather severe back incompability.
>>> Any ideas?
>> Update TreeProcessor so that it stores the parameter stack in the 
>> object model?
> Sound like a good solution!

After further thinking, it's not that easy: although this will be ok for 
sitemap control structures (match, select, act, call) that are executed 
immediately, this won't work for pipeline components which are collected 
in the pipeline for later execution. This would require a change in the 
Pipeline interface to pass the parameter stack in setGenerator(), 
addTransformer(), etc. We can do it of course, but it's not as innocent 
as it seemed at first.

Now I realize that "cocoon.parameters" may not be the sitemap variable 
stack but <map:parameters>. So... what are we talking about? :-/


Sylvain Wallez                        Anyware Technologies  
Apache Software Foundation Member     Research & Technology Director

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