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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: Managing credits for contributors
Date Mon, 09 May 2005 16:25:53 GMT
>> Any opinions on adopting this?
> IMO status.xml and the svn logs serve different purpose.

seriously? ...are the commit message much different
from what is in the status.xml? I don't think so.

> status.xml should contain some higher-level information that help users
> to understand what has changed in Cocoon, and one feature change may be
> the result of many commits. A giant list of commit logs makes the
> important information difficult to find.

that's true - but easy to solve: a special word in
the commit marks it as "significant" so it goes into
the log. All the others are being ignored.

...we did discuss that before btw ;)

> svn logs also have the problem that they're not modifiable. Bad for
> typos, but worse for changes that have been reverted afterwards.

hm... that's a valid point ...but for presumably
a lot of the commits it should be ok.

> So although it requires less work from devs to maintain, I'm not a big
> fan...

...I am always a big fan of as little maintenance
as possible :) Of course it *does* require some
discipline on the commit messages.


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