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From "Antonio Gallardo" <>
Subject Re: [RT] Cocoonlet
Date Sun, 01 May 2005 22:46:46 GMT
On Dom, 1 de Mayo de 2005, 15:27, Sylvain Wallez dijo:
> Daniel Fagerstrom wrote:
>> Sylvain Wallez wrote:
> <snip/>
>>> By using the Eclipse kernel, Cocoon could be the first RSP, "Rich
>>> Server Platform".
>>> WDYT?
>>> Sylvain
>>> [1]
>> Cool! But not that you took my forthcomming RT ;)

:-) Seems like we finally found the answer to:

...Because having it as a block makes it really hard to answer the
question: what is cocoon and what does it provide me....

I am happy to see that you found a good answer to the question!

... sound like Cocoon becomes to be more interesting like ever .... going
to a new level. This is super-great! :-)

Best Regards,

Antonio Gallardo.

> Ooops, sorry :-)
>> I have also been thinking in this direction the last few days.
>> Reinhard reminded me about that you had proposed OSGi
>> as a possible
>> kernel. So I have taken a look at that and a little bit on Equinox,
>> the new Eclipse kernel that is based on OSGi. Other possible kernels
>> are Pier's, the Geronimo kernel and Metro. Of these I find
>> Eclipse/OSGi the far most promissing.
> Actually, the idea of OSGi has been running in my head for a long time.
> I discovered OSGi when working on the embedded Cocoon, as we had to make
> an OSGi bundle with it so that it can be added to an OSGi-powered system
> in a car. OSGi is widely used in embedded systems, especially automotive
> and intelligent gateways.
> Then came the interesting convergence between embedded system and
> "normal" systems when the Eclipse folks decided to trash their
> proprietary kernel in 3.0 in favor of OSGi. The resulting kernel has two
> layers: OSGi takes care of all classloading stuff whereas the Eclipse
> plugin system takes manages extension points and the associated plumbing.
> When learning to write Eclipse plugins a while ago, I found some
> interesting similarities between what Eclipse provides and the Avalon
> semantics we're used to. Writing plugins is amazingly easy. Firstly
> because Eclipse provides an incredible PDE (plugin development
> environment) that guides you through the various tasks needed to write a
> plugin. And secondly because each plugin being isolated in its own
> classloader, there are a lot of issues that go away. For example, using
> static attributes is no more a problem!
>> I agree completely with that a micro kernel Cocoon is the way to go.
>> It would as you say give most of what we want for blocks and also
>> numerous other possiblities in building Cocoon based apps. It would
>> also help us in getting Cocoon far more managable if we package it as
>> a bunch of bundles.
> Yup.
>> I'm making good progess with the pipeline service aspect of blocks and
>> will hopefully be able to check in some code for it soon. When we have
>> a working prototype of that part, I'm interested in diving into the
>> Eclipse stuff.
> Great!
>> Have you thought about how to make OSGi work together with ECM++, or
>> can they just be considered as different layers?
> OSGi could be the top-level container, allowing each plugin/block/bundle
> to use ECM++ if it wants to. But my feeling is that most blocks won't
> need to have their own container.
>> Anyway, cool stuff :)
> Definitely !
> Sylvain
> --
> Sylvain Wallez                        Anyware Technologies
> Apache Software Foundation Member     Research & Technology Director

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