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From "Linden H van der (MI)" <>
Subject RE: Small CMS on top of the SVN repository
Date Wed, 25 May 2005 14:22:09 GMT

> This will mean that people will be able to do "forrest run" 
> and edit the 
> content in SVn immediately. As the Daisy plugin matures the 
> same will be 
> true for content in a Daisy repository. Similarly, if PlanetCocoon 
> succeeds we can integrate their content and editing in the same way.

AHHH. Why should docs be allowed to be entered into SVN immediately
while code requires a committership that should be "earned"? 

I think we need a set of "rules" for documentation as much as there is a
set of "rules" for contributing code.

Adding docs should definitely be easier than it is now, but please
through a separate process, otherwise you end up with a similar
set/quality of docs that exists now, but in a different configuration.

Bye, Helma

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