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From Eric Gulatee <>
Subject Re: JavaFlow
Date Sun, 15 May 2005 17:53:53 GMT
> > I've noticed a few items with javaflow from svn under jakarta, when
> > you suspend the continuation, the thread continues executing.  I
> > believe the old javaflow blocked the thread.  With the new javaflow
> > how can you then resume where you "suspended"?

> This is most likely because you are going the "2.1 way"
> of using javaflow.
>Javaflow can now be used in two different ways - well
> to be exact three different ways.
> The old synchronous way where the rewriting is done inside
> the classloader. And now there is the asynchronous one where
> you point your javaflow to monitor your classes or your sources
> directory. I am not yet sure which way we should settle on.
> This depends a bit on the development vs deployment factor.

I've been going thru commons-javaflow pretty impressive.  :)  I think
I have a deeper understanding what's going on.

I'll stick with the Asynchronous class loader, I will try to make some
changes to it, so it uses ASM instead of BCEL since the use of
Annotations would simplify my dev.  If I ever get to that point, I'll
ask how to submit a patch.

Now digging into Continuations, I'm still perplexed, once you call
suspend(), aside from capturing the stack, nothing happens, the thread
continues execution.
Shouldn't forminstance/abstractcontinuable be stopping the current thread?

Otherwise this means that loops & business logic will get invoked. 
And It's a rather large pain to detect if the continuation is
suspended in the javaflow code and not execute logic.


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