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From Mark Leicester <>
Subject Re: Bloggers, may I request a "Cocoon" category?
Date Mon, 16 May 2005 09:37:43 GMT
Hi Daniel,

Perhaps I should have used the word "prosaic", but having said that, 
there's plenty sent to the list that read like poetry! To encourage 
this further maybe we could hold a Cocoon haiku competition... ;)


On 16 May 2005, at 10:19, Daniel Fagerstrom wrote:

> Hi Mark,
> No problem, I just reacted on the the word "mundane". I'm geek enough 
> to find some of the threads at dev-list exciting ;)
> I it is great that you work on aggregating Cocoon info from various 
> sources, there is certainly a need for that.
> /Daniel
> Mark Leicester wrote:
>> Hi Daniel,
>> Yes, I do read the dev list discussions. My sentence quoted below, in 
>> all its bareness, could appear dismissive so I apologise as that was 
>> not my intention. The many useful discussions on the dev list (about 
>> the makeup and design of blocks for example) shouldn't be ignored.
>> That said, I do feel that Cocoon-related blog entries have their 
>> place too. An example I often refer to is Sylvain's "Cocoon 2.2 will 
>> rock!" post (see 
>> This 
>> is a very nice potted summary of what we can look forward too in the 
>> next version. In addition, if you type "Cocoon 2.2" into Google this 
>> is easily the first (only?) summary you will find.
>> My opinion is that there is a lot of Cocoon related activity on the 
>> web - not just in the mailing lists. I'm looking at ways of 
>> aggregating it all together.
>> Regards,
>> Mark
>> On 16 May 2005, at 08:51, Daniel Fagerstrom wrote:
>>> Mark Leicester wrote:
>>> <snip/>
>>>> The blogs tend to give a much more exciting, future-oriented view 
>>>> of Cocoon than the mailing lists, which I suppose are dealing with 
>>>> more mundane, day-to-day issues.
>>> Are you actually reading dev-list, about all core parts of Cocoon 
>>> has been proposed and designed on dev-list? If you search the 
>>> archive and look for "[RT]" then you can find tons of 
>>> future-oriented views of Cocoon. Blogs are great, but like it or 
>>> not, we have developed a rather efficient community culture that is 
>>> based on mail-list discussions.
>>> /Daniel

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