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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject Re: Removing @author tags
Date Mon, 02 May 2005 06:04:46 GMT
Le 1 mai 05, à 22:46, Sylvain Wallez a écrit :

> ...So, I think it's really time to do some cleanup and remove these 
> tags everywhere...

Fine with me

> IIRC Bertrand ran a script to extract the current tags to build a 
> credits file. Bertrand, any information on this?

I did save the @author info in misc/credits/author-tags.txt, see

But IIRC (cannot find the relevant messages), we compressed and/or 
moved the file later to avoid having email addresses in CVS commit 

Anyway an svn export with today's date (or even the 2.1.7 distro) would 
later provide all this info in case we need it, so saving tags to a 
file before removing them is not needed. Maybe just poll the lists for 
authors who think they should be mentioned in the credits or status 

> Also, we have to decide if we simply don't put @author tags or if we 
> add something like "@author the Cocoon development team". I personally 
> prefer no tags at all.

Same here.


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