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From oceatoon <>
Subject Authentication ??? Tomcat5 deploy
Date Sat, 23 Apr 2005 09:06:00 GMT
Hello everyone 
I posted his to user list but found no solution which brings me here.

I'm deploying our CooonApp in Tomcat5, I'm generalising the contextpath to
all our urls with the request:contextPath module And I'm faced with this
problem: (Joachim told me he had the same problem and this came from Tomcat.
but didn't manage to disable it.)

When going through Authentication, instead of sending me to the url I gave
the authenticator as parameter(in my case "login"), he sends me to login/
and adds the slash??

I managed to bypass the first call by adding an optional slash to my
pipeline match login(/)?
but the real problem for me is that once he logs he stays in this login/
context (should be in /login meaning .. behind /login/ which in fact I don't
even have ), and I have no way of avoiding this. 

PS:All this worked well with Jetty.
PS: I posted Tomcat list about this but no answer.

Any ideas are welcome coz I'm out of'em.


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