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From Mark Leicester <>
Subject Re: What is the community looking for?
Date Mon, 04 Apr 2005 22:37:22 GMT
Hi Sylvain,

Let me start by saying I have no desire to precipitate a fate such as  
this for the Cocoon community:

Instead, this is what I want:

I want to find richer and better ways for online communities to  
interact. I want to experiment with what I (and other energetic souls)  
can offer the online Cocoon community, utilising the wealth of new  
approaches to online communication.

One example: Cocoon developers are writing more and more in blog form.  
It's great stuff! Sylvain, you write about Cocoon 2.2, how it "will  
rock!". I want to everyone to hear it. Posts like this[1] give the  
community vitality and, crucially, a vision. People make projects. I  
think Cocoon's bloggers should be front and central on the Cocoon  
project site. Feed aggregation is a feature of PlanetCocoon.

Another example: Sarah Burri Windler writes[2] "Based on the very  
useful and well written tutorial 'Write a Custom Generator' from Geoff  
Howard I'm on the way to my first ApplicationGenerator and it's a great  
feeling!" She follows this up with two remarks noting her experiences  
and what needs updating in the tutorial. A respondent then invites  
Sarah to add a patch to bugzilla to help update the documentation. Know  
what? Sarah did! This, despite the fact that there are more  
instructions for Bugzilla[4] than for the zero gravity toilet in  
2001[5]. Don't get me wrong, Bugzilla works, but there's got to be a  
better way for documentation patches. With PlanetCocoon, comments can  
be submitted to book pages[6]. Authors can be (automatically)  
subscribed and notified. It's easy, like a lot of the rest of the web.

So here's my vision of a site devoted to the marketing of Apache  
     * high search engine visibility;
     * a repository of Apache Cocoon success stories;
     * a catalogue of live Apache Cocoon web applications;
     * an environment to discuss issues of visual identity;
     * a repository of press clippings;
     * site-wide search;
     * a collaborative space to help formulate press releases;
     * a noticeboard to raise awareness of community events;
     * accessible, standards based design - maximum inclusion;
     * a way to publicise key personalities and participating  

Here's my other vision of a site devoted to Apache Cocoon developers,  
     * high search engine visibility;
     * multilateral expression through rich means such as blogs, forums,  
pages, polls;
     * responsiveness to issues - with a personal touch - caring if you  
     * the ability to collaboratively author structured documentation;
     * attractively formatted code snippets / recipes;
     * aggregated newsfeeds, drawing on the personal blogs of notable  
Cocoon developers;
     * site-wide search;
     * taxonomy / folksonomy, modern information classification,  
management etc.;
     * integration with other community sites such as,  
flickr, 43things, upcoming etc.;
     * accessible, standards based design - maximum inclusion;
     * XML feeds for all content.

I sense a fragility about Cocoon that I like. I want to help look after  
it, and help its community to grow. I want to get this line rising:  

If you like my vision too, why not sign up to either site, or both  
even! If you've written to either users or dev in the last few weeks  
your account has already been created. Use "Request new password" to  
get a password. Then you can customise your account how you wish (even  
enter your birthday on the personal pages if you like[7]). Finally, why  
not take a look at the tool I'm using to build the site:  
<>? It's not Cocoon. But then Cocoon is not Drupal. I  
find lots to admire in both.

Please be amused, not suspicious.

Best regards,


On 4 Apr 2005, at 09:02, Sylvain Wallez wrote:

> Mark Leicester wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> I'm attempting to analyse what the Cocoon community wants from  
>> itself. Examining the referrer logs for PlanetCocoon (last week of  
>> March) yielded the following top 30 search terms:
> Mark, I certainly value your effort, but what is PlanetCocoon? What  
> are these forums that are fed with the mailing lists? Is it a  
> gmane-like system?

> As stated on the main page it is "Confusing Apache Cocoon developers  
> with yet another source of documentation". And probably users too ;-)
> So what about discussing your objectives here to have better  
> cooperation with the community?
> Sylvain
> -- 
> Sylvain Wallez                        Anyware Technologies
> Apache Software Foundation Member     Research & Technology Director

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