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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject Re: "Apache Cocoon in Action" suggestion and call for opinions
Date Thu, 14 Apr 2005 10:53:39 GMT
Le 14 avr. 05, à 07:47, Sebastien Arbogast a écrit :

>> So a crucial point is that any docs effort/tool/whatever has to allow
>> us to work in small increments and be useful, without leaving
>> half-finished work behind us. Something requiring big stretches of
>> continuous work is useless ATM.
> And still... now I can realize how learning how to use a powerful tool
> such as Cocoon is a long and hard process, all the more so when the
> documentation is made up of small chunks of information...

I don't mean the docs have to be made up of small chunks, but it must 
be possible to do useful work on them in small amounts of time (which 
is perfectly possible with the 2.2 docs system).

> ...I think the key is to setup tools to optimize communication,
> participation, collaboration and workflow management...

Most of the docs initiatives in the last few years have quickly turned 
to discussions of tools, and later got nowhere as there was not 
sufficient work being done on *content*.

Don't get me wrong, your enthusiasm is very welcome, but I think the 
tools available now (html editing, Forrest for previews, svn + lists + 
wiki for collaboration) are good enough to do useful work. But if the 
community does not have enough "collective energy" to do the work, 
nothing happens.

Let's get something done with the tools in place today before declaring 
them inadequate - the improved infrastructure created by Reinhard, 
Upayavira and others is just starting to bear fruit, building on this 
makes a lot of sense, but *content* needs to be created.


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