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From Sebastien Arbogast <>
Subject [CocoonInAction] Opening announce
Date Thu, 14 Apr 2005 18:38:19 GMT
Hi there,

Here we are. Cocoon In Action tutorial writing community process is
officially lauched and to make it easy we setup a basic community
collaboration website at this address :

Nothing is final. It's merely a prototype for now but I think it is
ready to welcome anyone willing to participate in this project and
join Helma and me.

Just to summarize a bit what has been said on Cocoon dev list during
the past few days, this documentation project, and its accompanying
website, are not a secession attempt relative to the ongoing 2.2
documentation effort led by Upayavira and Reinhard among others. It's
merely a trial to make an interface between potential documenters and
the new documentation architecture that is being built. Because not
everyone knows how to use SVN repositories or Wiki stuff. And as soon
as we have something concrete there, we will make an "official"
request to integrate it in the common documentation process. But in
the meantime, you will be able to use our forums and workflow
management tools for this specific project, in addition with common
cocoon community tools.

Anyway if you have any comment, suggestion or "constructive insult"
(;o) to share, please feel free to send me an email or to use
CocoonInAction communication tools. As this is a baby project, we are
really opened to all kind of constructive remarks. On the other hand,
we are only starting to think about things so please be a little
patient and let us some time to write introduction documents to
present our objectives and what we already have in mind. This should
be done in coming week I think.

That's it. I just hope I'm not too naive or idealist, I hope this
project will be a success and bring useful stuff to the Cocoon

Have a good day ! 

Sebastien ARBOGAST

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