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From Sebastien Arbogast <>
Subject Re: "Apache Cocoon in Action" suggestion and call for opinions
Date Wed, 13 Apr 2005 09:39:39 GMT
> I could try and write down the process I've gone through and using that
> as a base for a tutorial for "MyFirstCocoonWebApp". I know I sometimes
> work backwards (i.e. develop first, think later ;-)), so things might be
> out of (efficient) order.
> The website I'm referring to is currently online at:
> It's a multi-lingual (NL + EN) site with some Cforms for registration
> and a connection to an eXist database for some searching.
> My idea about this tutorial is building a similar website e.g.
> "MyPersonalSite" containing biography and CV, "MySmallBusinessSite" (who
> are we, what do we do, portfolio, contact form).

Yes ! It's exactly what I was thinking of and it would be great if we
had some kind of finished working prototype to start with because
1 - we are sure that the tutorial will end up with a working
successful and useful application
2 - we have something to show to readers even if we haven't written
down the progression yet.

There are just a few things we have to take care of :
 - the code must be as clean and "state-of-the-art" as possible, with
full comments and just what we need.
 - the final application will have to integrate many features of
Cocoon and surrounding blocks, enough to give a good overview of
Cocoon capabilities, but not too many to avoid things to be too
artificial and messy at the end.
 - we have to do some sort of reverse-engineering in a way to start up
the application from nothing and make the progression as natural as
possible, even with code that appears in the ealry stages of the case
study and that are going to be replaced in the final version.

It's a tricky thing and it's not easy to do that transparently, making
the reader feel as if we started from scratch and progressed smoothly,
but this is the best way to be sure to make a working application at
the end.

Furthermore we would have to define the exact scope of the
documentation, and to provide an answer to that question in order to
know what must be added or removed : what are the topics we are going
to cover and that will need a coded illustration, and what are those
that we won't cover ?

I haven't studied your "origami" site in depth for now, but it might
be a good start. In any way your idea is very good.

Sebastien Arbogast

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