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From Andrew Savory <>
Subject Re: What is the community looking for?
Date Wed, 06 Apr 2005 06:53:33 GMT

On 4 Apr 2005, at 23:37, Mark Leicester wrote:

> So here's my vision of a site devoted to the marketing of Apache 
> Cocoon:
>     * high search engine visibility;
>     * a repository of Apache Cocoon success stories;

These two particularly are things that could/should be applied to

>     * a catalogue of live Apache Cocoon web applications;

... provides a repository and demos for some of these 
apps, but I agree seeing more running "in the wild" would be 

>     * an environment to discuss issues of visual identity;

... like the mailing list? ;-)

>     * a repository of press clippings;

Nice idea.

>     * site-wide search;

Google search of is already there iirc

>     * a collaborative space to help formulate press releases;

... like the wiki? ;-)

>     * a noticeboard to raise awareness of community events;

... like the wiki? ;-)

>     * accessible, standards based design - maximum inclusion;

This is coming with the 2.2 docs I think

>     * a way to publicise key personalities and participating 
> organisations.

... publicising key personalities is something that's quite avoided by 
the Cocoon community, as it has a detrimental effect on the community.

I don't dislike your ideas, but I do think many of them are already 
being achieved by what we have in place, are planned to be fixed in the 
near future, or are not already there for community / technical / 
whatever reasons.



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