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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Download of jars with Maven ant tasks
Date Thu, 28 Apr 2005 07:03:18 GMT
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(please CC me on a response to this, or it might be another week before
I check back :)

Nicola earlier pointed me at this thread, and I thought I'd just
reassure you on a point...

> How do artifacts get into the remote Maven respository
> and how are they guaranteed to be the legitimate file?

For ASF artifacts, the copy on ibiblio is identical to as we rsync it from there
(for the Maven2 repository, we do some processing of the metadata, but
the original JAR remains intact). We retain logs on what happens here,
and have some additional monitoring, so I'm confident what is on Ibiblio
and its mirrors is the same as what is on the ASF hardware. It would be
good to make use of the ASF's own mirrors (we can't point people at directly, of course), but we have more work to do there
yet before that would be possible.

We have similar arrangements with other projects: open symphony,
mortbay, osjava to name some.

The rest are done manually, but are checked by humans.

If this isn't strong enough, as Nicola mentioned, you are welcome to set
up your own repository - its very easy to use it instead of, or in
addition to, ibiblio. The hardest bit is going to be populating it - in
plarticular the required metadata, but you can certainly copy that from
ibiblio and give it a once over.

Steve Loughran had the idea of hardcoding the sha1 of the artifact into
your build file so that as long as you can get the original and trust
it, you're protected from future compromise. This isn't flawless, and is
probably somewhat tedious for general use... but if you are interested
that could be added to at least the first level of dependencies.

Anyway, I'm glad to hear you're considering using our ant tasks - if
there is anything we can do to help out, please drop us a line at dev@maven.


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