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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: [VOTE RESULTS] Alfred Nathaniel as committer
Date Sun, 24 Apr 2005 17:05:05 GMT
Nathaniel Alfred wrote:
>>I counted eighteen +1s and no other votes, welcome Alfred!
> With my account in the works, it's time to introduce myself.
> I am team leader of Internet Service Development at SWX Swiss Exchange.
> Our business unit SWX e-Services (current staff 18, half of them
> developers) is in charge of the corporate websites of SWX and a number
> of related companies.  Our expertise lies in the processing of stock
> quotes and other financial data.
> In the old days we have been using mainly Perl CGIs and scripts for the
> generation of dynamic content.  Beginning of 2002 I started looking at
> Cocoon.  After a successful pilot to integrate a new Cocoon-based
> application into the existing website, Java and Cocoon became our
> technology of choice for all new developments.  In the meantime more
> than 80% of our content volume, including the two biggest sites
> and, are Cocoon-based, and the rest is
> scheduled to follow.
> For us XSP is still a key technology and I am hesitating to go the
> flowscript way for various reasons.  With my SWX hat on the
> committership is therefore an important instrument to make sure that the
> XSP block stays production quality, even if declared legacy by the
> Cocoon avantgarde.  Another professional itch is to optimize
> multi-threaded performance on 4-8 CPU servers.
> Among the more personal interests I hope to combine with Cocoon during
> my copious sparetime are Relax NG (to fight the evil XML Schema moloch),
> findbugs (to fight bugs which should not be), and automatic unit tests
> (to fight those annoying regressions).  
> As non-committer I was always wondering at the long list of [PATCH]
> entries in Bugzilla.  Now I better have a closer look whether I can't do
> something about that myself.
> Anyway, thanks to all you guys for creating Cocoon which makes my
> daytime job so much more interesting.  I hope I am up to contributing to
> it a bit myself now.
> Cheers, Alfred.

Alfred, welcome!

My simple advice: don't be shy. We really want committer to feel at home 
on the cocoon tree and given the amazing abilities of complete version 
control, there is no damage that can't be promptly restored, so don't 
worry about making mistakes or breaking things as you go, we are all 
very friendly about all those things :-)

All your above goals are very much in line with the 'conservative' side 
of our user base, which I'm sure will see your presence as a renewed 
injection of solidity in cocoon's foundations and this is very good.

At the end of the day, I can't stop being amazed, even after so many 
years, of how healthy and diverse our community is, showing that there 
are ways to merge innovation with contract solidity.

Again, welcome on board.


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