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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject Re: Transparent and automatic AJAX support for CForms
Date Thu, 21 Apr 2005 10:01:33 GMT
Antonio Gallardo wrote:

>Simply, wow, it is great! :-)

Thanks :-)

(stupid Struts people that think the whole world reads their articles 
and mailing lists)

>I started to do something similar 4 days before you posted this solution!
>My main motivation was because repeater widget with comboboxes are very
>slow in 2.1.x. I saw a browser waiting around 2 minutes to show a form
>because the repeater data. The all form was +100kB! Of course, this was an
>unusable solution. Then we thought that a solution was break the form in
>more pieces, but this looked very ugly from a user POV.
>At that time, Tim Larson advised to look for an XmlHttpRequest solution
>integrated into cforms. The same day, I saw an struts related article in
>the theserverside:
>And I started to migrate this to cocoon in my free time. But with no major
>success. :-(
>I think, your solution is more elegant than what I tried to do. My idea
>was to generate client-side java script for every widget and send it to
>the browser, then the browser will react to the onfocus event of the
>widget and fill the list on demand. That way we don't need to fill all the
>lists at once and the page will load faster. I expected cocoon caching
>will help here.
>Also, given the fact that this solution was not needed on every combo, I
>thought to include an @ajax attribute in the "fi" namespace on the
>template as flag. Something similiar like I saw in the struts sample
>pointed above. Not at the form level as the committed solution.

The current solution makes Ajax totally transparent and is suitable for 
most cases and requires no specific client-side JS, but is not the most 
optimal for some frequent use cases such as populating dropdowns.

So a second phase of Ajax-in-Cocoon is to write some "ajax-aware" 
stylings, that provide some finer-grained updates or some additional 
behaviour. And these styling will be triggered as usual in <fi:styling>, 
e.g. <fi:styling type="ajax-dropdown">

>I have 2 questions:
>1- Will this ajax implementation improve the combo loads in cforms?

What do you mean by "combo loads"? If this is changing selection lists, 
then it already does it (see the carselector). If it's lazily populating 
dropdowns when the user clicks on them, this should be part of the 
second phased described above.

>2- Are you planning to merge it in 2.1.x? If not I will see the urge to
>move to 2.2 soon! :-D

Yes, sure this will go to 2.1.x. It's currently in 2.2 only as I wanted 
to gather people's feeback on this original approach.

>Thanks for this great improvement!

Thanks :-)


Sylvain Wallez                        Anyware Technologies  
Apache Software Foundation Member     Research & Technology Director

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