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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: JavaFlow
Date Wed, 20 Apr 2005 18:25:32 GMT
> I'm wondering how much work would be required in order to get javaflow
> & forms working under 2.2.  I've been trying to do this, however going
> blindly hasn't been really effective, so if anyone has some sort of
> advice it would be welcome.

Well ...since it has been working in 2.1 it cannot
be *that* bad. But things are quite different with
the javaflow in 2.2

> I've noticed a few items with javaflow from svn under jakarta, when
> you suspend the continuation, the thread continues executing.  I
> believe the old javaflow blocked the thread.  With the new javaflow
> how can you then resume where you "suspended"?

This is most likely because you are going the "2.1 way"
of using javaflow.

Javaflow can now be used in two different ways - well
to be exact three different ways.

The old synchronous way where the rewriting is done inside
the classloader. And now there is the asynchronous one where
you point your javaflow to monitor your classes or your sources
directory. I am not yet sure which way we should settle on.
This depends a bit on the development vs deployment factor.

In 2.1 a marker interface has been used to mark a class
to be rewritten. This is gone in 2.2 for a couple of reasons.
That's why your "suspend" inside the flow is being ignored.

So either you use the asynchronous way (which I would
recommend) or we have to add some configuration code to
the classloader. I already prepared that with my last
javaflow commit over at jakarta.



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