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From Erik Bruchez <>
Subject Re: [CocoonInAction] 2 new articles
Date Sun, 17 Apr 2005 20:13:03 GMT
Sebastien Arbogast wrote:

> Anyway, as I said this was not my first intention, I didn't want to
> bring that kind of comparison to this list which is (if I remember
> well) dedicated do Cocoon development. So I sincerely hope that this
> conversation will not degenerate into some kind of ideological argue.

Don't worry, this is not going to happen. But I don't think it was out 
of line from my part to react in this mailing-list: I reacted directly 
to a particular criticism, and after all this list is public. Also, I 
have little hope of convincing hardcore Cocoon developers to switch to 
anything else.

This said, don't you think that whether XForms is important or not to 
Cocoon, whether Cocoon pipelines should be improved or not, etc. are in 
fact subjects relevant to cocoon-dev? I believe there could be very 
sound discussions about this on this mailing-list (discussions to which 
I would refrain to participate because of my obvious bias).

Going back into hiding now ;-)


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