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From Mats <>
Subject Re: [CocoonInAction] 2 new articles
Date Sun, 17 Apr 2005 19:25:43 GMT
different people have different needs and different visions on how to 
develop applications. There is no right or wrong. The comparison at 
orbeons site may or may not be correct, but Erik and the developers over 
at Orbeon are trying to market their product. In doing that they made a 
comparison that, in my view, isn´t particularly objective. A lot of 
statements about cocoon have no description of the functionality or the 
possibilities, instead they focus on "Not recommended", "yes, but 
limited", "possible but not encouraged", "Undocumented. May be possible 
with TrAX."
To me this is pure marketing junk. :)
However, Erik has the right to voice his opinion on this list as has 
everyone else.
I may not agree with him and I believe most of his claims that Orbeon is 
a "better" tool than Cocoon are based on his subjective views and 
nothing else.

I certainly don´t want you to get offended by this mail, Erik.
I merely wanted to point that people have different perspectives on 
things, there are probably things that are great about Orbeon and there 
are probably things about Cocoon that suck.
However, a more in-depth comparison between the two would be 
interesting, maybe you could describe the process you used when you did 
your comparison?

Best regards,

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