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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject Re: Do we want a GUI installer?
Date Thu, 14 Apr 2005 18:49:33 GMT
Upayavira wrote:

> Skip Carter wrote:
>> I'd rather not see one.  At least if one is developed,
>> there needs remain to be a way to install from the command
>> line.  ALL of my cocoon installations are on headless systems,
>> and some of them are remote, so a GUI is not really very practical.
> There is no way that such an installer would replace the current 
> system, merely augment it. This installer is nothing more than a 
> wrapper around our existing Ant scripts anyway. After all, many Cocoon 
> installations are on headless servers. The intention was to smooth 
> over that early stage of usage when someone is at the beginning of 
> learning Cocoon. Throwing them into having to copy and edit text files 
> when they first start IMO introduces complexity that they could well 
> do with learning a little later in their involvement with Cocoon.
> But, having said that, it doesn't seem like people are that keen on 
> the idea anyway.

If the user can get all the way to start Jetty with our demos through a 
simple GUI, I find it a good idea. Even if I'm perfectly able to read a 
README and run ant or make when I evaluate some new software, IMO the 
sooner I can start to evaluate what it does the better.

The easier we can make using Cocoon, the better IMO. Cocoon is an 
excelent tool for complicted stuff, my goal is to help making simple 
things simple ;) So if you can fix the licence problems you have my +1 
at least.


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