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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject [vote] Switching to refactored JXTG
Date Wed, 13 Apr 2005 14:47:00 GMT
I propose that we (in trunk) remove the current JXTG and replace it with 
the refactored JXTG that is part of the Template block. The refactored 
JXTG is supposed to be back compatible with the original JXTG and also 
add the ability to use JXTG in the same way in a non flow context. The 
only change will be that one has to include the Template block to get 
JXTG it will not be part of core anymore. We change the class name of 
the refactored JXTG to that of the old one.

There are certainly things left to do in the refactoring but everything 
is supposed to work as it is right now and having two versions of the 
same thing complicates support. If we have introduced any bugs and 
incompabilities during refactoring it is better to find and fix them as 
fast as possible.

I also suggest that we mark the Template block as being core (rather 
than supported or contributed) as it together with CForms is core 
functionality of Cocoon and it has been part of core this far.

Third, we have to decide how we should handle improvements and changes 
in JXTG. My suggestion is that we keep JXTG more or less as is and that 
we improve functionality and add new features in a new TemplateGenerator 
that we refer to as CTemplate. In this way we can remove things we don't 
like in JXTG without introduce problems for current users. Thanks to the 
pluggable architecture in Template this will not lead to much code 
duplications. Ideas about what we want in CTemplate can be found in

Please cast your votes:

 [ ] Let's switch to the refactored JXTG in trunk!
 [ ] It can wait.

 [ ] Mark the Template block core.
 [ ] I suggest ...

 [ ] Keep JXTG functionality as is and put template development efforts 
in CTemplate
 [ ] Add new things to JXTG while keeping it back compatible
 [ ] Add new things to JXTG and allow back in compatibilities


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