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From Upayavira>
Subject 2.2 Documentation page naming
Date Mon, 11 Apr 2005 10:02:28 GMT
I've written a script that will convert old 2.1/2.2 documentation into 
the proposed new format. However, because we're switching from a 
hierarchical to a flat naming, we need a mapping between documents. I 
have committed a document that shows my proposed mapping. Please 
comment/correct/update. It can be found at:

This document also includes proposals for documentation to be simply 
removed. Here's some observations:

1) The CTWIG docs aren't actually available on the site right now - 
probably because there's no link to them, so the pages weren't 
generated. As I understand it, they are very much 2.0 related, and we 
need new tutorials of that nature. I therefore propose to remove this 
from the 2.2 docs.
2) The FAQ section is COMPLETELY EMPTY! So lets remove it. We can always 
add another should we wish to. At least there isn't any content to move 
3) The 'developing/dev guide section seems to relate to developing 
webapps in 2.0. In 2.1/2.2, with CForms, flowscript, it is very 
different. I propose to keep some of the info here, which is still 
relevant, move the relevant portal docs into the portal block, and scrap 
the rest - certainly the section will no longer exist.
4) Some content (e.g. tracks) would be easier to write from scratch, 
conceiving exactly the docs we need, rather than trying to fit these 
docs in somehow. I have therefore marked these as REMOVE.

Please follow the format I've used (comments in brackets, eg REMOVE), 
filenames before the bracket, if any, as this is the format my script 

Having gone through this document, I can see the benefit of numeric URL 
namespaces. Coming up with decent, consistent names, that don't clash, 
is actually quite a tall order.

Regards, Upayavira

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