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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject Re: [RT] The block protocol
Date Tue, 05 Apr 2005 09:22:50 GMT
Ralph Goers wrote:

> Daniel Fagerstrom wrote:
>> is resolved in the same way as an ordinary external block URI. To 
>> make this possible the role of being a super block must be 
>> identifiable among the connections in the wiring info. Maybe by 
>> reserving the name "super" for this case.
>> WDYT?
>> /Daniel
> A few  thoughts here (that aren't necessarily directed at you):
> 1. I may have missed some points in this discussion. When the email 
> gets to be  long or quotes previous nested emails in their entirety I 
> tend to just move on and ignore the post.  So, as a rule I would 
> recommend keeping posts as short and sweet as possible.

While I agree in general, It is quite hard to achieve. At some point we 
need to get from discussing about the general requirements and the broad 
vision about things, and get into designing the gory details. And at 
that point we need to use examples (which takes place) to assure that 
our proposed solutions actually work and that we talking about the same 
things. It is also necessary to discuss some edge cases that most users 
hopefully don't need to understand, but which would bite them if we 
didin't take care about them in the design.

>   If you'll notice, there have only been a few participants in these 
> discussions. Maybe its just me, but I wonder if others aren't jumping 
> in with their thoughts for the same reason.

I have certainly noticed that there are few participant in the 
discussion. I think an important reason is that the discussed subject 
(blocks) is rather difficult and takes quite some while to learn enough 
about to be able to participate in detailed design discussions.

For my own part I found blocks attractive and important from the very 
beginning, when Stefano presented them maybe three years ago. But it 
took me long time before I started to participate in the discussions as 
the focus on the blocks work in the beginning was about things that I 
didn't know much about. People believed that it was necessary to switch 
component manager before we could start to actually implement blocks. 
And I didn't know much about componment managers back then.

Anyway, if you (or others) think that we are dicussing something that 
you would like to participate in but is lost in all the details, just 
ask us about some background or for a summary of the issues. As long as 
you don't comment it is hard to know if anyone reads. And the allready 
long mails would be endless if we by default started with a summary of 
the whole thread.

> 2. I've noticed a few discussions that are mainly between you and 
> Reinhard with other folks posting occaisionally. Although you two may 
> come to agreement on some ideas, given item 1 I wonder if it actually 
> is the concensus of the community.

I'm certain that people will start to have opinions when we start to 
have an implementation. Until then lazy concensus is enough.

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