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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject Re: RFC-2396 (Was: Re: [RT] composition vs. inheritance in blocks)
Date Mon, 04 Apr 2005 19:09:08 GMT
Colin Paul Adams wrote:
>>>>>>"Daniel" == Daniel Fagerstrom <> writes:
>     Daniel>   cocoon:foo/bar
>     Daniel> where "foo/bar" is called a root less path. But I don't
>     Daniel> find any explanation about what it is supposed to mean.
> Well, it could mean anything the protocol inventor intended.
> Not all URI schemes are hierarchical in nature. This does not mean
> they cannot use the / character.

Thing is that foo/bar in the example above actually is supposed to be a 
hierarchy consisting of the segments foo and bar according to rfc3986. 
But after having checked it closer, the comment in the end of chapter 5 
seem to mean that is shouldn't be used and only is part of the spec to 
cover a loophole in rfc1630 the predecessor of rfc2396. So we shouldn't 
use it anyway.


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