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From "Linden H van der (MI)" <>
Subject RE: [CForms] conditional "required" attribute needed or a "better" solution
Date Fri, 15 Apr 2005 15:16:06 GMT
> What about an assert validation on "value"?

Sounds like a good idea, so I tried it. Thanks.
It doesn't work yet the way I want it to, so I've probably messed up the
test, I'll look into that on Monday.

However, writing the test showed that this is a very cumbersome way to
handle it. As I've already explained in a previous post, the next step
will be the name part where the value is not another attribute of the
same element, but a set of elements that are part of the top element,

  <given qualifier="first">John</given>
  <given qualifier="initial">L.</given>

If the name is "empty", this should be noted as:

<name nullFlavor="UNK"/>

There was already a suggestion to write a custom validator, but I have
no clue how to deal with these two variations in a generic way.


Bye, Helma

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