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From "Linden H van der (MI)" <>
Subject [CocoonInAction]
Date Thu, 14 Apr 2005 12:33:21 GMT
To give this some momentum AND because I haven't figured out yet how to
submit something to Sebastien's CMS, I'll post my proposal here:

The idea is: build a simple website using Cocoon and expand it as
time/tutorial and such progresses. 

You are a web developer wanting to use Cocoon for the newly acquired
project of a small company called HealthyCocoon. 

This company consists of 3 people and their primary business is selling
quality meals for take-away or home-delivery. They also offer to
organise catering of parties. The size of the party influences whether
they prepare the food themselves or they hire in the services of other
companies in the branche.
They are located in Maastricht, The Netherlands, which is near the
border with Belgium and close to Germany.
Their clients are mostly local people, with a noticable percentage of
students of many different backgrounds for take-away and home-delivery.
The clients for the catering service live in a 30 km range and a
considerable part lives in Belgium, both the Dutch and the French
speaking part. There are hardly any German customers and neither of the
personnel speaks German.

They want a website that fits their image (healthy, high quality food)
and that shows what services they have to offer. The website should be
easy to navigate and provide information in three languages: English,
French and Dutch.

The initial tutorial focuses on setting up a website that offers an
introduction into the usage of Cocoon for mostly static text, but in
three different languages.

Once this is completed it can be extended:

- HealthyCocoon wants to set up a mailing list for regular customers, so
they want a form on their website to have customers sign up for the
mailing list.

- HealthyCocoon wants to add a price list for the most common
take-away/home-delivery meals. They want an easy interface so they can
update the prices and meals themselves.

- HealthyCocoon wants regular customers (those signed up for the mailing
list) to be able to enter a private area in the website where they can
order their home-delivery through a form.

etc. More ideas will probably follow quicker than the documentation and
the code can be written. ;-)

Rough layout of the tutorial:

1. Introduction to Cocoon - enough to understand why you are going to
use Cocoon, but no in-depth information. I'll gladly reuse what's
already there.

2. Introduction to the use of tools required, e.g. Eclipse as editor,
maybe Maven etc. Not in-depth (provide links for more in-depth info),
but enough to get the stuff set up to start on the real work. Part of
this step is either YourCocoonBasedProjectAnt16 from the wiki or
something similar. In any case we define a layout of the project
directory for easy reference later. Add in some scripts and other tools
to make life easier. 

It's really not important which editor/environment is used, but since we
will probably be referring to it, it's easier to use one particular for
the tutorial. 

Part of this step is a zip file with scripts and files (ala
YourCocoonBasedProjectAnt16) that get's to to this point.

3. Build the first page and get it to run. Hello World but then already
focused on the project at hand.

4 etc. Slowly expand the website by explaining what you want to achieve
and how you can do that with Cocoon. 

All these should be relatively short chapters. I'd rather have 10
shorter ones than 5 larger ones.


Helma van der Linden
Medical Informatics
University Maastricht

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