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From Eric Gulatee <>
Subject JavaFlow
Date Wed, 20 Apr 2005 16:05:32 GMT
Hi Cocooners & Javaflowers,

I have been tinkering with javaflow trying to get it working with
forms under cocoon 2.2.  I have just had it with having to restart my
servlet container every so often due to crashes/memory leaks when
developing/redeploying with javaflow.

I'm wondering how much work would be required in order to get javaflow
& forms working under 2.2.  I've been trying to do this, however going
blindly hasn't been really effective, so if anyone has some sort of
advice it would be welcome.

I've noticed a few items with javaflow from svn under jakarta, when
you suspend the continuation, the thread continues executing.  I
believe the old javaflow blocked the thread.  With the new javaflow
how can you then resume where you "suspended"?

Eric Gulatee

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