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From Rogier Peters <>
Subject Filesource questions
Date Tue, 19 Apr 2005 11:33:13 GMT

I think org.apache.excalibur.source.impl.FileSource is acting strange when
handling temp files:
- instead of using File.createTempFile(), it creates a temp file like this:

        // Create a temp file. It will replace the right one when writing
        // and serve as a lock to prevent concurrent writes.
        File tmpFile = new File(getFile().getPath() + ".tmp");

- furthermore, presumably because of the lock function mentioned in the comment
above, it checks for an existing temp file, and throws a concurrent modification
exception when it exists.

The problem I'm having is that sometimes a .tmp file won't be removed after use.
The next time it tries to create a file by the same name, FileSource will throw
a concurrent modification exception, and refuses to write. Of course, at that
point there is no other process writing the file.

There is one other thread[1] where this behaviour is mentioned - when Gianugo
was working on flow/webdav - it doesn't seem to have been resolved however .

Finally - as an aside - is it really necessary to have Excalibur provide
FileSource and factory? A quick browse through cocoon.xconf shows that there are
only a few ( albeit very essential ) components that live in excalibur. From my
point of view it hinders the transparency of Cocoon - I can't see straight away
what filesource does and where it goes wrong. Imho it would be better to have
Impl's in cocoon packages, even if the interface lives somewhere else.




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