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From Jorg Heymans>
Subject core logging
Date Tue, 29 Mar 2005 23:00:34 GMT

Most people will agree that the most useful information ever to appear 
in core.log is the bit where it writes out all request parameters, 
request headers and session information. This data gets written there 
because the cocoon component is configured by default with a catchall 
logger named "core" in web.xml (param is called cocoon-logger).
-----(from web.xml)
This logger is used for all components described in the cocoon.xconf and 
sitemap.xmap file not having specified a logger with the logger="..." 
attribute in the component configuration file.

If i now want to "filter" core.log and display only the useful bits 
described above, i need to basically define all the components that 
don't declare a logger with a logging level higher than DEBUG. In 
addition i need to define all childLoggers of the "core" logger with a 
logging level higher than DEBUG.

I find this rather tedious.

Possible solutions
1) Configure the cocoon component with it's own logging category eg 
core.cocoon or cocoon.core, keeping the cocoon-logger parameter somehow 
as catchall logger

2) Changing line 568 in from

Note: I prefer solution 2)

Note2: Are the logging conventions being revised for 2.2? Is it still 
useful to keep the current separation of logfiles?
(Will there be something like per-block logging?)


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