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From oceatoon <>
Subject Re: JX generates weird NameSpace???
Date Fri, 25 Mar 2005 18:23:52 GMT
Thanks Marco 

> this weird namespace issue is actually caused by a nested redefinition
> of a prefix mapping; just look at what's before the <head> element in
> the template. 
seems to be the source of the bug... nice one 

> the imported file redefines the jx namespace within the 
> <page> element that originally defines it.

You mean the definition
xmlns:jx="" being done more than
once is the cause to this... this is bizarre cause I use jx:import
uri="direct path not resource" in which I also define jx and I don't have
wouldn't it be linked with the fact it is a resource://... that is
imported ?
> solution would be to have JXT track the template's namespace mappings
> and eat duplicate ones from imported templates.
Is this a difficult hack or have you done this ? I haven't really touched
any core generators (no need :-) but it's never to late

Thanks for the help

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