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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject [docs] legacy tab for 2.1 documents
Date Mon, 28 Mar 2005 20:28:52 GMT
I have added a "legacy" tab to the new docs, as a temporary storage 
place for existing 2.1 documents.

You can see some examples under the "legacy" tab at provided the site has 
been regenerated in the meantime (supposed to happen every few hours), 
or by running Forrest 0.6 locally as explained in

The idea would be to work as follows to review the 2.1 docs and move 
the good parts to the new docs structure:

1. Copy all existing 2.1 documents under 
src/documentation/src/content/xdocs, giving them names starting with 
c21_ as for the few examples that I did. Update the site.xml 

2. For each of these docs, add a meta.xml file containing 
<source>legacy.21</source> so that they are identified as unreviewed 
legacy documents in the published site.

3. Review each document and either promote it to a 2.2 document, reuse 
some of its content in a new document or decide not to keep it. I'd 
suggest keeping as little content as possible as official 2.2 docs, so 
that we're able to maintain it properly with our limited resources (but 
that's another story).

4. When moving parts of a document, use a <moved> element as in 
c21_introduction/content_en.xdoc (the site:concepts.html link there 
doesn't work yet though).

Having all the 2.1 docs in this legacy tab helps make sure that we 
don't lose any document in the process, and allows us to work in small 
increments, tracked in SVN, to reorganize and improve the docs.


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