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From "depub2" <>
Subject Re: CONTRIBUTION: repeater-widget (insert row): InsertRowsActionDefinition
Date Fri, 11 Mar 2005 18:10:05 GMT
David's notes: see below

Sylvain Wallez
Thu, 24 Feb 2005 09:07:07 -0800

depub2 wrote:

  Well, what do you guys think? Does 7 days of silence amount to agreement??
  I'll be happy to make any mods you suggest and resubmit source to you for

Added. When including your patch, I had a quick look at Excel and found that
the row insertion command adds rows _before_ the selected rows as you
initially suggested. So I added it that way. I made a small change though by
clearing the selection after executing the action.

If you'd like your name to be included for fame and posterity in Cocoon's
release notes, please give us your full name as "David" is a bit unprecise.

I think it would be better to not clear the selections and here's why: if
there is a need to insert, say 32 empty rows, it is much easier if the ones
that are already checked remain checked; so the use case looks like, check
1, insert; check the new one (old one still checked), insert; check 2,
insert; check 4, insert; check 8 (old 8 still checked), insert; done! It is
very easy to have some very short client-side javascript/buttons that
"uncheck-all" or "check-all" (we have it in our application), so the need to
auto-uncheck is not really needed - and in fact for the above use-case,

Also, we liked your suggestion that, for our GUI, we use "add-rows" rather
than "insert-rows" - so, when I get a chance, I'll submit that code to you
for inclusion so the designer of future GUI's can have their choice
depending upon their needs. We also thought that, if nothing is checked,
add-rows automatically adds one row at the end - perhaps it would be good if
"insert-rows" did this also. We really like the way that "feels".

If you like to include my name, it is David Epperly, but I don't need
kudos - it's a pleasure to just be working with you. I'm including some
notes from an earlier email in case they help...

Again, after I hear back from you, I'll send some updated code to you...
(sorry for the delay, I don't check the threads so often lately).

> As you mention it, I think "add-rows" would be as-good or better than
> Since the change is fairly trivial to the tested "insert-rows" code you
> now have from me, it might even be worthwhile to have both "insert-rows"
> "add-rows" and allow the user / GUI designer to select their choice.
> Perhaps the repeater samples code could be modified to only demonstrate
> "add-rows" to "steer" a GUI designer in that more favorable direction.
> One nice side-effect of multiple-checked insert-rows/add-rows capability
> that multiple-selection enables one to rapidly insert multiple rows
> exponentially increasing iterations of inserts. (check 1, check 2, check
> check 8...) Just to clarify, "my code's" behavior is that a _single_ row
> inserted above (below is fine too) every selected row. Adding 32 new/blank
> rows is simply a 5x "add-rows" operation. Perhaps it would be helpful to
> "pre-select" the rows that were added so that this multiple exponential
> insert is even easier on the user, so they don't have to check the boxes.
> Woe unto them that later perform "delete-rows" without deselecting first.

Also, I have a "2 line" minor tweak to the forms-calendar-styling.xsl that
disables the "calendar icon/popup" when a datetype="date" widget is set to
readonly, disabled, or hidden (in these cases, we don't want an icon or
popup - ESPECIALLY when the widget is supposed to be "hidden").

The change was simple, in

I added:
<xsl:if test="not(fi:{at-symbol}disabled='disabled'] or
fi:{at-symbol}readonly='readonly'] or fi:{at-symbol}hidden='hidden'])">
around the calendar HTML anchor.

The modified code segment in that file now reads:
   <!-- calendar popup -->
   <xsl:if test="not(fi:{at-symbol}disabled='disabled'] or
fi:{at-symbol}readonly=readonly'] or fi:{at-symbol}hidden='hidden'])">
   <a href="#" name="{$id}" id="{$id}"
{$format}'); return false;">
     <img src="{$resources-uri}/cal.gif" border="0" alt="Calendar"/>

All that I added was the surrounding <xsl:if> block. It works great!!
  Should I move this to a separate CONTRIBUTION thread or is this simple
  enough that you would just get it into the cvs archive??

Sorry, but there's no "readonly" attribute on fi:styling (you should use the
"disabled" state instead) and type="hidden" is handled globally for the
whole field and not only for the calendar image.

But I'm wondering if you're looking at the right source when you say "cvs
archive". Cocoon has moved from CVS to Subversion for a while now and you
may have looked at an old version of the XSLs.

Well actually, the readonly="readonly" works! Try it!!! And there are some
cases where disabled="disabled" is problematic (binding/saving) and I think
something else I can't remember right now (pulldown selections? calendar
selections? - can't remember).  (note {at-symbol} above must be translated
to @ - seems that symbol is not allowed on the archives.)

Again, we found it annoying to allow a disabled (or readonly) widget
actually get changed by the calendar popup. This code fixes that defect.

When I say cvs archive, I mean the nightly snapshot archive from


Sylvain Wallez                                  Anyware Technologies 
{ XML, Java, Cocoon, OpenSource }*{ Training, Consulting, Projects }

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