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From "Ben Pope" <>
Subject CForms Binding - Cross Referenced Data (duplicate of post on users)
Date Sun, 13 Mar 2005 17:12:16 GMT

First of, sorry for the post here, but I've asked a few times on users and
not had this solved, so I'm gonna cross my fingers and post here:

This is something I've been struggling with, on and off, for some time now.

Assume I have some data as follows:

      <person id="0">
      <person id="1">
      <person id="2">
      <room id="0">
         <person idref="0"/>
         <person idref="1"/>
      <room id="1">
         <person idref="2"/>

That describes a list of people which are in a particular room, so Me and
You are in the Lounge and Him is in the Kitchen.

I want to have a form that displays, for a given room, a list of the people
in it.

A repeater is obviously the first choice, but there are a few
counter-intuitive thingsd going on:

I need to be able to modify the name of the person.  Simply running the
repeater over the rooms is not enough.

Adding a row needs to add an rooms/room/person with an idref - I'll then use
client side javascript and XMLHTTP to allow the user to select a person (by
id) to fit in the space, as all the people are predefined.  I do not want to
have the repeater add /people/persons.

I've toyed with a few ideas:

id is passed in as a parameter, and this code is actually in a stylesheet -
but ignore that for now.

<fb:repeater id="people" parent-path="/project/rooms/room[@id={$id}]"

This "solution" has the result of being perfect for load.  However, when I
save it, it breaks, because I can't have an xpath predicate.  So what do I
set the row-path-insert to?

If I set row-path-insert="/project/people/person" and bind the id (which is
fb:identity) in both directions, /project/people/ ends up correct, but
/project/rooms/room/ doesn't get updated.

I've tried
         <fb:context path="/project/rooms/room[@id='0']">
            <fb:insert-node>   <person idref="5"/>

But then I get a new node in both /rooms/room[@id='0']/ which is correct,
and another node created in /project/people/ which is the usual binding for
person and is a copy of the existing one.  This doesn't seem correct to me.

Hmm, I've had a little play with fb:javascript but I don't know what I'm
doing... Ideally I would remove all the /rooms/room[@id='x']/person fields
and repopulate with the list of ids in the repeater.  I can't seem to work
out the correct APIs, it always says that such and such method doesn't exist
- can anybody point me in the right direction?

I've toyed with the idea of having two repeaters, and updating one from the
other but it sounds like a recipe for disaster.

Another idea was to have a play around with it in flow, but I suspect I'd
end up with exactly the same problems I have using fb:javascript, with the
disadvantage of distributing the binding code.

Any help is much appreciated, I'm confused by the number of options and
multitude of interfaces.

I can't be the only person working with cross-referenced data!  I'm either
missing something or the repeater just doesn't understand this construct - I
wonder if Sylvain has any ideas on this.

I also started writing my own Repeater (well I copied the existing one,
renamed it, changed some of it's parameters and managed to get Cforms to use
it), but running through with eclipse in debug mode doesn't really throw any
light on the subject - it's all too confusing for me.



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