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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject Re: [RT] Another step to blocks: Application container support
Date Fri, 11 Mar 2005 22:03:49 GMT
Le 11 mars 05, à 19:45, Carsten Ziegeler a écrit :

> ...Now, I think we should help users in doing this. I'm currently 
> thinking
> about directly supporting DCC on the application level and therefore
> creating support for an "application container" (We can later on
> decide if we support both, or just one of them or a totally different 
> one.)..

IIUC the mechanism that you suggest would make it possible to support 
new DCCs by creating some kind of adapter class for them? In this way 
we could provide adapters for (say) Spring and Hivemind without closing 
doors to other options.

> ...b) Direct support for DCC. Using these frameworks is not that 
> difficult
> inside Cocoon, but I think it could be easier.
> What do you think if e.g. a "getComponent("something")" in flow uses a
> Spring BeanFactory (and if the factory does not have the bean/component
> then the usual Avalon mechanism is used). The same would happen if you
> get a service manager from the Cocoon core...

Does that mean "chaining" containers, asking them in turn until one of 
them finds the component? If this is implemented at the sitemap level, 
would we then get a chain like this to get a component?

-Ask this sitemap's DCC for the component
-If not found, ask this sitemap's service manager
-if not found, ask the parent sitemap, which asks its DCC then its 
service manager, and so on

Just asking to check my understanding.

> ...With these additions we get kind of a "sitemap controller" (or
> whatever we call it): component configurations (xconf), DCC support,
> class loading, listeners etc. This sitemap controller could become 
> later
> on the "block logic" or the block object/component...

Sounds like a really good idea, especially with sitemap-level 
classloader shielding. And making the sitemap the "control unit" fits 
nicely with the existing structure, meaning an easier learning curve.

Big +1 on the idea!


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