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From Marco Rolappe <>
Subject Re: [poll] Seeking eclipse plugin development skills for an opensource Cocoon IDE
Date Thu, 31 Mar 2005 14:12:30 GMT

Sylvain Wallez schrieb:
> Marco Rolappe wrote:
>> Sylvain Wallez schrieb:
>>> That's why I'm sending this poll to the whole user and developper 
>>> community:
>>> - do you or your company have Eclipse plugin development skills?
>> minimal. but it would be a good opportunity to enhance them ;-)
> Sure, but starting an Eclipse IDE with only newbies isn't the easiest 
> route :-)

probably not ;-) but AFAIR the concepts behind the plugin architecture 
are not that hard to grasp. I fiddled around with several plugins and 
also dug a little into sunbow and there have been no big problems along 
the way.

anyway, if there's going to be a sandbox I'll come there and play ;-)

> Anyway all contributions would of course be very welcome!
>>> - if some opensource project is setup to develop a Cocoon IDE, would 
>>> you like to join and invest time and effort?
>> sure. I'm also thinking of tools not dependent on an IDE but usable 
>> from within Cocoon (via web frontend).
> A good Cocoon IDE must have a runtime part to allow things like 
> debugging, monitoring or profiling. This runtime part can be designed so 
> that some features can be equally used with a GUI front-end in the IDE 
> and a web front-end. This is something that must be considered right 
> from the start.

a list for collecting ideas/use cases would be useful. maybe such a 
thing already lives somewhere in wiki land?

influenced by some mail archive posts, the first thing coming to my mind 
besides those you mentioned is a visual build (configuration) tool.


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