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From Philippe Guillard <>
Subject Re: XMLHTTPRequest
Date Wed, 30 Mar 2005 12:10:24 GMT
Thanks Sylvain,

Seems good for CForms, i just imagine what it would be  to have for 
instance Struct/Union widget updated in the model and client-side !
Specially because Google started the rush using XHR everywhere.
For the xhr sample, i just don't put the submit-on-change on the car 
model, and that's ok for my use.



Sylvain Wallez wrote:

> Philippe Guillard wrote:
>> Hi
>> I was happy/surprised to discover the xhr_carselector in 2.1.7 
>> samples, and just want to get news about it (Sorry i can't access 
>> Bugzilla today, and before didn't find much on bug 34077).
>> I imagine this feature needs lots of work, maybe CForms re-work, so i 
>> just wonder what is the situation.
> The current situation is just this nice sample, but I had some 
> background thinking about Ajax-ifying CForms for some times now and 
> this is itching me more and more :-)
> Basically, the idea is that widget stylings can be "ajax-aware". This 
> means two things:
> 1 - the styling can send some events back to the form
> 2 - the various elements of the styling can be asynchronously updated,
> The first item can be bound to the fact that a widget has an 
> on-value-changed or on-action event handler, sending form values back 
> to the server using XHR, and waiting for some update actions from the 
> server.
> When receiving an XHR-originated post, the form tracks all changes 
> made to widgets as a reaction to this post (i.e. 
> values/selection-lists/labels/errors/repeater-sizes, etc) and sends 
> back this event list to the client (we will need a special generator 
> for this).
> The client sends these changes to the individual widget stylings in 
> the page, which updates the display.
> If some non-ajax-enabled styling needs to be updated (e.g. a repeater 
> table), then a full page reload is triggered. This allows for the 
> coexistence of "passive" stylings (the current ones) and ajax-aware 
> stylings in a single page.
> Just some rough ideas for now...
> Sylvain

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