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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject Re: CONTRIBUTION: forms-calendar-styling defect when widget disabled
Date Wed, 30 Mar 2005 06:40:36 GMT
depub2 wrote:

>Pardon me, but I appreciate all of your discussion about this... I simply
>ask that you place
>TWO LINES OF CODE in forms-calendar-styling.xsl to support hidden and
>disabled widgets associated with calendars.

We have discussed this issue at length and decided how it would be 
handled to be consistent with the CForms widget model and widget states.

>As an extra convenience to me and other users, I'd also appreciate it if you
>also include the passthru readonly test - no direct widget support needed;
>security concerns not relevant - just keeping simple users from getting
>confused, not trying to protect from hackers. Impact of adding support for

Yes, confusion. All widgets react to the "disabled" state and there is 
no "readonly" state. Adding such a state specifically on the calendar 
popup will just add confusion.

Now if you want to use a different rendering and/or behaviour in your 
application, use a locally-modified version of the CForms stylesheets. 
These XSLs are provided in the samples directory and are architected in 
a modular way exactly for this: to allow easy customization if the HTML 
they produce doesn't match your rendering needs.

>"Just do it - Nike"

"Sure, but do it well - Sylvain"

Sylvain Wallez                        Anyware Technologies  
Apache Software Foundation Member     Research & Technology Director

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