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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject Re: JX generates weird NameSpace???
Date Fri, 25 Mar 2005 19:30:48 GMT
Leszek Gawron wrote:
> oceatoon wrote:
>> Is this a difficult hack or have you done this ? I haven't really touched
>> any core generators (no need :-) but it's never to late
>> Thanks for the help
> It shouldn't be that difficult to fix.
> Should we track all namespace redefinitions?

Somewhat OT, but I really do't think we should do any work on the 
original JXTG. It's better to remove it and focus on the refactored one. 
  Even if we not have finished the refactoring of the internal APIs, 
that's no reason for keeping the original one.

What's left to do for switching to the refactored one is to make the 
environment handling back compatible. The environment in the refactored 
is built above o.a.c.environment.TemplateObjectModelHelper while the 
original is built on o.a.c.components.flow.javascript.fom.FOM_Cocoon. 
What needs to be done is basically to embed the Request object in the 
TemplateObjectModelHelper with a FOM_Request from FOM_Cocoon etc.

We should definately do something about the enviroment handling in 
general in Cocoon, with Acessors or something similar, but for the time 
being we should get rid of the original JXTG so no one feel tempted to 
start parallel development on it.


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