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From Giacomo Pati <>
Subject Re: widget data type
Date Fri, 18 Mar 2005 20:43:45 GMT

Antonio Gallardo wrote:
> On Vie, 18 de Marzo de 2005, 10:55, Giacomo Pati dijo:
>>Hi all
>>Did you ever had the problem that you'd like to assign a
>>bean from a Collection to another beans property by the use
>>of CForms selection lists?
>>I had that alot and the result was a Datatype called "bean" which can
>>be any type of Java Object. Now this Datatype is only suited to be
>>using selection list. Maybe I haven't found another solution of that case.
>>Any objections to add it?
> I think it is good. Please read the comments below.


>>I would like to extend the flow-jxpath selection list with the following
>>attributes and their meanings:
>>	sometimes your label is the i18n key and you want is as such.
>>	I haven't found an other easy way to wrap a label text with an
>>	<i18n:text> element
> @ lable-path-is-i18n-key --> i18n="yes" + current @label

See my comment below

>>	same semantic as the "java" selection list has (puts a empty line
>>	in the first position of the list)
>>	sometimes you'd like to put a text into the empty
>>	"null" item of the list
>>	if your null-text attribute is an i18n key turn this attribut on
> I think @nullable, @null-text and @null-text-is-i18n-key can be stored in
> less attributes:
> 1-IMHO one thing is i18n and other thing is null-text:
> @i18n - use i18n for the list
> @null-text - define the "null" item. fromhere, we can go to:
> original @nullable --> @null-text=""
> original @null-text --> @null-text="[a string]"

I can agree with the above but...

> null-text-is-i18n-key  --> @i18n="yes + "@null-text="[an i18n key]"

How do you distinguish to have a @null-text="I18NKEY" wrapped in a 
I18nMessage but not on the value at the label-path?

A sample:

I have a collection of interest rate number and on the "null-text" I 
want to say "pick the intrest rate you'd like" in a language dependant 
way. With your proposal even the numbers would be warpped into a 
I18nMessage as it is an all or nothing rule but they will (fingers 
crossed) not find a key in a i18n catalogue.

>>	for those of us who use several i18n catalogs
> I wonder how often is need to change the i18n catalog to have the need to
> define it right on the list element.

Actually we use different i18n catalogs in the same page (menu catalog, 
business term catalog, etc.).



Giacomo Pati
Otego AG, Switzerland -
Orixo, the XML business alliance -

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