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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject auto-reloading of java classes
Date Wed, 16 Mar 2005 10:00:52 GMT
I was just browsing the TreeProcessor code to
see where to hook in the subscribe and unsubscribe
to the fam notifications.

...and I am wondering if it might make
sense to change the sitemap reloading

Right now we are checking the last-modified
information for a sitemap.xconf change and
reload if there is any change.

What we want now is to *also* reload if any
of the files in the classpath has changed.
...which can be checked with a fam.

So either we could only subscribe the
TreeProcessor for classpath changes notifications
or let the fam check for the sitemap xconf as well.

Not sure. For n sitemaps the DelayedSource
approach might be a bit more scaleable.
Although I am not sure if thousands of
sitemaps are really a real world scenario.


As for the fam integeration: IIUC we could
just add the subcribe to the SitemapLanguage
where the ClassLoader is being created. The
notification will then set a boolean we can
check in TreeProcessor.buildConcreteProcessor()
...or did I miss something? ConcreteProcessor,
ChildProcessor ...a lot of stuff in there :)

What I am still missing is a place the
unsubscribe the classpath from the fam.

I also had a look into the current
ClassLoaderFactory. It's Source-based
while the fam in jci is file based :-/

...I mean: we could come up with a Source-
base fam. But not sure. Feels a bit like
FS to support remote locations here.



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