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From Vadim Gritsenko <>
Subject [VOTE] Internal Pipelines Error Handling
Date Mon, 14 Mar 2005 00:51:11 GMT
Hi All,

I'd implemented error handling for internal pipelines which allows to discard 
content generated by the internal pipeline and replace it instead with the 
content generated by the error-handler of the internal pipeline. This feature is 
activated only when pipeline has an attribute set:

     <map:pipeline internal-error-handling="true">

When attribute is missing or set to false, error handling behaviour is as it is 
currently. Limitation of current implementation of the feature is that only one, 
the inner most one error handler will be used for error handling. Implementation 
can be extended to support hierarchical error handlers, but I followed KISS and 
YAGNI approaches.

Because it's getting pretty close to the code freeze, I'd like to run this 
through the vote. So, please vote here:

   [  ] Let's include this feature into 2.1.7 release!
   [  ] No, it can wait...

And here:

   [  ] Single error handler is just what we need.
   [  ] No, it must support hierarchical error handling.

And here is place for suggestions:

   [  ] I don't like attribute abive and propose following
        configuration attribute and values: ...
   [  ] I suggest ...

Background reading: This feature has been discussed and/or mentioned at least 
couple of times already, for example, in this thread:


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